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Lopes & Lopes is a photography and media company that specialises in Photography, Cinematography, and Graphic Designs. We have been operating for over sixteen years and have since evolved and continue to keep abreast with all the new trends in a fast changing industry.


"Very Professional and easy to work with"


That’s how we have been described by one of our favorite client. Lopes & Lopes are more than just your vendor of choice. We are a part of your team! . We represent you in the most professional manner, thereby ensuring that you get the best result from any event that you are hosting or sponsoring.  Our clients invest a lot of time, money and trust in their special occasions and functions, and it is important to us that we produce results befitting that investment. We painstakingly customize every job to suit our clients theme or brand, so that every production is unique to that client. We have worked with a wide range of clients over the years. From the very start we have always been amazed and encouraged by the many that have been enamored and inspired by our work. Thus, what started as an ardent hobby has been transformed into a thriving business. It is certainly a blessing to do what you love on a daily basis and continue to develop new relationships with people from all fashions of life.


Our team is talented in most aspects of Photography, Cinematography, Video Editing, Graphic Designs, and Lighting Techniques. We also work with a host of relevant professionals in the industry including make-up artists, hair stylists, decorators and audio technicians.


A hobbyist photographer since the age of seventeen. A professional for over sixteen years. I’ve always loved the reaction from someone over an image that was captured in a moment that they knew not existed. That’s what photography is to me – capturing and preserving a moment in time! I take great satisfaction in crafting professional photographs of all types of subjects. My favorite subject is people, all kinds of people. Some kids blowing bubbles, a coconut vendor at work, a bride in her blush, a model at her best, or a celebrity in their glee. I enjoy the spectrum of challenges that photography provides, from lighting a person for a flattering portrait, posing a couple for an intimate shoot, or arranging a group portrait for a company, or family who wants to look their best. A lot of my work involves photographing weddings and business people at their workplace and corporate events for newspaper articles, websites and features of business magazines. As the Creative Director at Lopes & Lopes, I constantly challenge myself with the many creative aspects and methods of delivering ‘moments’ to our client in both digital and traditional media.

Brian Lopes

Creative Director/ Producer

Professional Photographer


One of my greatest passions is photography. My husband, Brian and I share this passion for photography and I have learnt most of my technical skill with the camera from him. I think the art of photography is a person’s ability to capture their personal vision for a scene and translate that vision into a work of art. As a graphic artist as well, I have been able to use the tools of modern photography to enhance the art form on a different level.

Petra Lopes

Manager/Graphic Artist

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