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The Savings Account that Rewards you for Saving

The savings account that rewards you for saving RS Teen is a part of the RightStart Account which caters specifically to teenagers aged 13 to 19 years.

Shape your future

We developed Career Builder to address the growing needs of young adults who need to plan their futures. To help you cope with such a competitive job market, we provide a constant supply of career advice and valuable resources you need to plan your next step.

Growing Up With the Plan for Tomorrow

RightStart is the savings account for you if you are 19 years and under. It’s only available at our bank. We calculate interest on minimum monthly balances of $20 or more and pay this into your account on the last day of every month.

Republic Bank through their Power To Make A Difference Program sponsors The Annual National Championship Water Polo Tournament on Sunday 20th December, 2015 at the Flying Fish Swim Club in St Clair. The event was attended by teams from several countries including many Trinidad and Tobago nationals who are on water polo scolarship.

Michele Palmer-Kiezer, General Manager Group Marketing and Communications at Republic Bank, stated that The Bank considers sport a 'very important pillar supporting the development and impowerment of youth, and water polo is one of the upcoming sports that helps in that regard by keeping them motivated and discipline.' The Competition is open to students from as young as six years old to university level. Many players who participate in the competition are on Water Polo scholarship abroad.The bank is proud to sponsor the compitition for the second time.

The emerging chapions of the Tournament was The Tiger Sharks Water Polo Team who was captained by John Litterpage of Trinidad and Tobago.

Republic Bank Water Polo Tournament
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Republic Bank Sponsors 2nd Annual Water Polo Tournament

Saves you time and money!

If you need regular and unlimited access to the funds in your account to make day to day payments and the convenience of electronic banking, TimeSaver is right for you!

Helps you build your nest egg

The Savings Plus account is specially designed for the serious saver who can maintain a monthly balance in excess of $500.00

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