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Tips on lighting the hall for an event

You want...A beautiful wedding. This may involve a candlelit setting with romantic lighting that defines the venue. You may want the dance floor to be dark when everyone is dancing (most people prefer this since it lowers inhibitions). You also may not want your photographer and videographer to be very noticable and distracting. Anyone who has had a light shined in their eyes or has seen the glaring light bobbing up and down in the dance crowd understands this. Lights on stands are rarely attractive in a ceremony or reception setting.

The videographer wants...Light, light, and more light. Ever been on a movie set? Using 1,000 to 100,000 watt lights is commonplace to give the cameras the light the movie cameras need. So videographers tend to want the same, since without appropiate lighting the footage will not be viewable.

The Comprimise...We would use our lighting to have the key areas of your function properly lit.(ie, the head table, the podium, the cake table, etc.) the rest of the hall can be dimly lit to allow for the ambience that you would like.It is important that your decorator does not use too many colored or strobing lighting directly over these areas so as to avoid undesirable video footage.


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