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Trust Your Photographer

Of all the wedding photographers we know, one of our biggest gripes is when a client hands us a detailed shot by shot list of every single thing they want photographed – the dress hanging in front of the window, the shoes, bride getting into her dress, dad looking proud… you get the idea. Trust your photographer. We've been doing this a lot longer than you and we will be well aware which shots to get.

Obviously if you have something particularly sentimental or unique that you’d like photographed (maybe a piece of jewellery passed down through your family or a DIY project that you spent days on) then be sure to let us know, but don’t worry about that detailed list of all the different parts of the wedding. Allow us capture the day's event that we're so familiar with, in the most creative and artistic ways. We work best without a n official 'script'. So keep calm...we've got this!

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